President-Founder | Partner

Mike Harrity is the Founder and President of Loclyz Complete Media Services. With over 22 years in Television, including Chief Editor at KUSA-TV, Channel 9 Mike has a wealth of experience with video production as well as extensive knowledge of event production. Mike’s passion for helping businesses tell their stories and forming business relationships rather than the traditional business/client relationship led him to start Loclyz so that he could work with friends on both sides of the business.


CEO | Partner

Michael Jenet spent eleven years at Channel 9: KUSA-TV culminating in his overseeing the Technology and Operations Department. Most recently the former CEO of Signal Behavioral Health Network, Colorado’s largest Managed Services Organization. With an extensive background in Executive management, healthcare, and 11 years in television as well as a strong understanding of technology from his earlier career, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Loclyz team. Michael has a passion for customer service and believes in creating win-win relationships and partners.


Director of Photography

Becky Holden is an Emmy and Telly Award winning photographer and producer.  She has worked at KWGN TV in news, production, as a creative services producer and sales. She has an extensive skill set as a photographer, editor, scriptwriter and producer as well as years of experience directing talent, including news anchors and novices. She also served as the Project Manager for the station’s many special projects including the St. Patrick’s Day parade, the 2nd largest in the country, and the Celebrate Culture parade.  Her passion is bringing people’s stories to life and delivers every project on time and on budget


Social Media Strategist

Dafna Michaelson Jenet is a Social Media Strategist with a passion for helping businesses effectively and efficiently use the appropriate social media platform(s) for maximizing success. Dafna travels the country conducting Social Media for Small Business training and is excited about being part of the Loclyz team and being able to create comprehensive marketing solutions for the businesses who want to engage their community through Social Media.



Our extended team of photographers, producers, directors, editors, and graphic artists have over 240 years of combined experience in telling stories through professional video production.

Loclyz Media Services was founded by a group of former 9News KUSA-TV employees to handle the growing demand for quality video in the business market.

According to CISCO Systems, the worldwide leader in networking systems that help form the backbone of the Internet:
75% of all internet traffic will be video based

Although Loclyz provides complete media services including Social Media Strategy, Digital Content Creation, Press Release Management, and Expert Storytelling, our focus is on Video Production.

video-camera-lensWith the growth in online video, the continued advancement in consumer video technology, our belief is that in order to differentiate yourself and your business from the rest of the 75% of video traffic online (including that of your competitors) you need digital content that :

  • Professional Storytelling that engages your audience!
  • Recognizably Superior Quality, Lighting, and Sound!
  • Expands your client base and increases market share

Our beliefs guide our work ethic.  Principle of those is that we believe in building relationships, not simply clients, and an understanding that our success is tied directly to yours.  We look forward to showing you how we can help you and your organization.